Nicki Reflexology Reflexology with Nicoleta Mihailov MAR
in Stewkley


Each appointment consists of consultation or an update, the treatment, aftercare advice and follow up information if requested. Consultation can either be completed over the phone prior to your first appointment or during the first appointment.

Foot Reflexology: tailored made treatment which helps to balance your body (45 mins)
Book a course of 6 treatments and receive the 6th treatment for free at £225 (Block booking must be paid in advance non-refundable)

Advanced Facial Reflexology: Bergman Method, includes facial lymph drainage and organic facial (45mins)

Facial and Foot Reflexology Treatment Packages

Indulge in the benefits of Facial, Foot Reflexology and Back & Head Massage choosing from a 75 minute or 90 minute Or 120 min treatment experience.

£60.00 per 75 minute treatment combination of your choice, for example 30 minutes facial reflexology and 45 minutes foot reflexology.
£70.00 per 90 minute treatment combination of your choice, for example 60 minute foot reflexology and 30 minutes facial reflexology.
£90 Per 120 min treatment combination of your choice, for example 45 min Foot Reflexology, 30 min Face Reflexology and 45 min Back and Head massage.

Pre-conception, Fertility & Maternity Reflexology

First appointment – 75 mins £60.00
Follow up appointment – 60 mins £55.00
Book a course of 6 treatments and receive the 6th treatment for free at £275 (Block booking must be paid in advance non-refundable)

Bipolar Reflex Therapy for trauma & stress release: ideal for stress, and any types of trauma and emotional issues. Includes facial and foot reflexology components. Suitable for children and older adults (45mins)

Zone Face Lift: unique combination of facial reflexology, facial massage, lymph drainage, gua sha crystal tools massage and organic facial aiming to lift the face and spirit.
£65 for 60 min treatment
£85 for 90 min treatment

Enjoyed your therapy? Recommend me to a friend and you will both receive £5 discount on any appointment value of £35 or more! Both You and your friend must be within the 15 mile radius of Stewkley


Course of 12 sessions, payable in advance - £660.00 (only £55.00 per session)
Course of 6 sessions, payable in advance - £345.00 (only £57.50 per session)
Course of 3 sessions, payable in advance - £180.00 (only £60.00 per session)

Additional 30 mins treatment

Ear Candling 30 min treatment Ear candling is an ancient, complementary therapy designed to help treat conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat. It is a technique that involves placing a hollow cone shaped candle made of unbleached cotton, soaked in beeswax, honey and/or herbs into the ear canal to stimulate the ear a facilitate deep relaxation in addition to the relief of symptoms. Ear candling does not claim to cure any disorders but may be beneficial in the treatment of the following conditions:Bell’s Palsy; Colds and flu; Earache; Loosening excessive earwax; Hay fever/ allergies; Headaches; Migraine; Pressure changes; Snoring; Tinnitus;Swimmers ear; Sore Throat (pharyngitis) Note: Ear candling does not remove ear wax from the ear however, it can assist in the loosening of compacted wax which may drain from the ear in the days following a course of treatments

Facial Cupping15min treatment

Reiki 30 min treatment

Signature Massage A thorough massage based on trigger points to release stress and blockages from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. It helps to loosen muscle tissues, release toxins and stress layers from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly. Your massage flows seamlessly as I tune into your body and hones into areas that require extra attention. Techniques used include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi-Lomi along with hot stones, warm Bamboo or silicone cups depending on your needs. This deep tissue massage is beneficial for many physical problems, including injuries and chronic pain. You will be kneaded, pressed, stretched, elbowed, and gently stroked. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic, be prepared to enter the dimension of bliss! This treatment is available by recommendation only. 60min - £50; 90 min - £70; 120 min - £90

These prices are for home visits and are based on being within a ten mile radius of Stewkley. If off street parking is not available I will need to add any associated parking costs to the fee.

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