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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking new clients now since with Covid?

Unfortunately, I am no longer taking on any new massage clients or offering mobile massage treatments. Should this situation change I will update this page on the website.

Describe a typical session:

Treatments begin with a consultation, discussing the individual’s medical history as well as their needs and expectations. On the first treatment clients are asked to give their written consent for the treatment and minors need to have consent from a legal guardian.
All clients are asked to remove their shoes and socks for the treatment, but otherwise remain fully clothed, and corn starch is applied to the feet as a medium before the treatment begins. Clients are asked to lie down on a Lafuma reclining chair and completely relax in order to gain full benefit. Treatments typically end with some deep breathing, guided by the practitioner.
Reflexology can often bring about emotional release and individuals are fully encouraged to embrace any feelings that come up. Clients who additionally receive Reiki as part of the treatment commonly experience tingling or heat flowing through the feet and the energy body, and may even see beautiful colours or hear music; there may be a need to laugh or cry as the emotional body releases further stored patterns.
On the whole clients find a reflexology treatment stimulates deep relaxation and a sense of feeling reconnected with oneself and the world again. Individuals can feel either rejuvenated or very relaxed at the end of a session, depending on what the body needs. If the client feels tired, they will usually feel more energetic once they have rested enough.

How long is a session?

Foot reflexology 45 minutes
Facial reflexology / Natural Facelift Massage 45 minutes

Combine foot and face reflexology on 90 minute appointments for an amazing experience

Treatments are available for children and a discussion will take place on how long this will last, depending on age and condition. Children must ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult

How many treatments will be required?

On average 6 weeks continually followed by an appointment every 3- 4 weeks for Foot Reflexology
For best result 6-12 continually for the natural Zone Face Lift massage and every 3-4 weeks thereafter

Is it painful?

The treatment is not painful however if there are congested areas you may feel a little tender but this will not last for long. The therapist will check with your throughout the treatment to ensure they pressure is right for you

Does it tickle?

As the pressure is quite firm most people do not get a ticklish re-action.

What can you do if I don’t like my feet being touched?

Face reflexology can be used instead of the foot. However people that do not overly like their feet being touch find this different. If you wish to see if it does work for you book as shorter session and the treatment can be changed at any time from the feet to the face if necessary.

Is it safe?

Reflexology is non-invasive and drug-free treatment that treats the body holistically. There are certain contra-indications (1st trimester of pregnancy / drugs/ alcohol consumption) that may prohibit a treatment and will be discussed with you prior to treatment. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further

What is Gua Sha?

A Chinese method using a flat smooth stone to help stimulation and awaken the skins own healing ability

Are treatments always the same?

The therapist will work out a treatment plan for each individual client. Different clients require different pressure and again this will be identified and adapted as necessary. Different age groups or illnesses may require shorter treatments but more regularly

Are you qualified to treat me?

I am fully qualified and a full member of the Association of Reflexologists -

I follow both the code of ethics and the strict code of conduct as outlined by both governing bodies and I am fully insured to treat you.

I am committed to continuing professional development (CPD) and will continue to develop new skills and techniques through further training, attending talks and networking groups with other professionals as well as my reading library.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or cash

Can I buy vouchers?

Yes, Vouchers are available

What to expect from your treatment?

Your first appointment will include a consultation about your health and lifestyle, to understand any factors that may be effecting you. A treatment plan will then be arranged specifically to your needs. I will thoroughly explain the treatment to you and what to expect following your session. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have before the treatment starts.

The treatment is carried out using a variety of different techniques and pressures. Most clients do find the treatment very relaxing however in certain areas you may find some slight discomfort this would be down to areas showing congestion and will not last too long.

Normally a course of 4-6 consecutive appointments are suggested and then depending on the outcome every 3-4 weeks thereafter for foot reflexology.
Zone Face Lift massage for the best results a course of 12 weekly appointments would be advisable although you should notice a difference within 6 weeks

After your treatment

In general most clients feel relaxed and peaceful after their treatment, however our bodies do react differently and you can experience some reactions. These tend to be minor issues including tiredness, flu like symptoms, headaches, this is normally down to the fact that the body is re-balancing..

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