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VRT Reflexology. Foot Reflexology

VRT Reflexology

In 2011 VRT received a Highly Commended Award for its Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM). VRT is ideally incorporated into a classical reflexology session at the beginning and end of a session without increasing the appointment time but is also used in shorter sessions and self-help.

VRT, also know as Vertical Reflexology, is versatile and can be used in semi-weight bearing positions on small children and babies, for palliative care and older people, for sports injuries, general treatments and in the workplace. The anatomical explanation for VRT’s efficacy is that the nerves on the passive feet are naturally de-sensitised but, when weight-bearing, these nerves become sensitised and appear to send a stronger healing impulse to an organ, gland, muscle or vertebra.

As a VRT trained reflexologist I will work on your weight-bearing feet and hands for a few minutes per treatment to accelerate the healing processes brought about in conjunction with early reflexology treatments. You then will lie on a couch and relax for your classical reflexology session which also incorporates new techniques from the VRT repertoire.

Several weekly treatments are usually needed before the body’s mechanism is stimulated enough to bring about a definitive change in a condition.

However, some clients may notice an improved sense of well-being almost immediately, and once health is regained, periodic visits are recommended as a preventative measure to balance and harmonise the body.

VRT Reflexology. VRT

VRT - Vertical Reflex Therapy
I am an authorised member of the Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) Network.

This therapy works on weight bearing feet and hands for a short time before and after your traditional treatment. I also access some points on the nails, it can accelerate the healing process

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